More ways to be rewarded

Join The Star Club to access exclusive member benefits and experiences. Enjoy discounts on hotel stays, private gaming room access, personalised service from a VIP Host and special offers at selected restaurants.


And when you accrue Tier Points and earn rewards, you could get free valet or preferred parking, priority queuing, complimentary hotel room internet access and more.

Tier Points

As a Member of The Star Club, Tier Points are your most valuable asset. They determine your Tier, and unlock benefits and rewards.

About Tier Points

Casino Dollars

Your on-property currency you can earn and redeem when you play, stay or dine at most of our restaurants and bars.

About Casino Dollars

Exclusive play

Access private gaming rooms and be invited to Member-only events and promotions. Play time is better as a Member of The Star Club.

What's included

Dining & Leisure

Receive exclusive discounts and offers at most restaurant and bars across three properties. It’s our treat.

What's included

Travel & Parking

Enjoy parking benefits across each of our three properties. It's all part of being a Member of The Star Club.

What's included


Stay at any of our luxurious hotels and we'll make sure you get The Star treatment. From discounts, to complimentary hotel nights - you could have it all.

What's included

Friends and family

Extend your benefits and let your friends and family in on The Star Club. The hard part is choosing who to invite.

What's included

VIP service

Experience service like you've never had before. As a VIP Member of The Star Club, you are the priority.

What's included

Play anytime, anywhere

Take the thrill of the game wherever you go with StarPlay. It's the way to play your favourite games, tournaments, quests and more.

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