Tier Model

Tier Points

What is my Tier Review period?

A Membership year is 365 days, and a new Membership year starts on the day after your Tier Review Date each year.

What are Tier Points?

Tier Points determine your Membership Tier within The Star Club.

How do I earn Tier Points?

You earn Tier Points when you use your Membership Card through gaming play, on purchases at selected restaurants and bars, when you stay at one of our luxurious hotels across any of our three properties or enjoy a spa treatment.

How many Tier Points do I need to qualify for The Star Club Tiers?

The Tier Points required to qualify for each Tier are:
Silver: 100 Tier Points
Gold: 1,500 Tier Points
Platinum: 5,000 Tier Points
Diamond: By invitation only

How is my Tier Points balance calculated?

Your Tier Points balance is based on the Tier Points you have earned since your last Tier Review Date. During your Membership year, your Tier Points balance will only go up, showing you what you’ve earned. The Tier Points balance that you end your Membership year with determines your Tier and benefits for the next Membership year. Then on your Tier Review Date each year, your Tier Points balance resets to zero.

How is my Tier reviewed?

Your Tier is reviewed on your Tier Review Date each year, and your next Membership year will be in the Tier based on the number of Tier Points you earned in your last Membership year. To retain your Membership Tier for the next year, you need to earn the relevant number of Tier Points required for that Tier within your current Membership year.

Your Tier Review Date will never change, even if you upgrade. Tier upgrades occur whenever you reach the next Tier Point threshold, and you can enjoy the benefit of your upgraded tier immediately (Complimentary Hotel Night benefits are pro-rated during the time between your upgrade and your next Tier Review Date). Your 365 day entitlement in the upgraded Tier then begins from your next Tier Review Date. The time between the upgrade and your Tier Review Date means you could have longer than 12 months in the upgraded Tier.

How do I know if I’ve earned enough Tier Points to retain my Tier, or to upgrade?

You can log in to your Member Dashboard at www.thestarclub.com.au, on The Star App or at a Member Kiosk to see your Tier Points balance, and how many Tier Points you need to earn to retain your Tier, or to upgrade to the next Tier.

You can also see how many Tier Points you’ve earned today, this week (Monday-Sunday) or this month (calendar month), so you’ll always know how many Tier Points you’re earning.