My Benefits

My Benefits

Where can I check my Tier Points, Casino Dollars and Star Gifts balances?

Login to your Member Dashboard to view a snapshot of how you are tracking along with all of your current balances. Alternatively, you can view your balances via The Star Club Member Kiosk on-property, or by downloading and logging into The Star App.

Do all of The Star Club properties offer the same benefits?

There are core benefits available to you across all of The Star Club properties. There are also some additional benefits available to you which are unique to each property. See the 'Memeber Benefits' or 'My Benefits' section on The Star Club website, Member Kiosk on-property, or via The Star Mobile App to view the full range of benefits available.

Where can I find information about booking my member discount on hotel stays and/or complimentary hotel nights entitlement online?

Members must login to their Member Dashboard via The Star Club website at, The Star Mobile App or The Star Club Member Kiosk and go to ‘Account’ then ‘FAQ’.

How do I book a hotel online using my member benefit?

Platinum and Diamond Members can book their discount on hotel stays online via the ‘Hotel Benefits’ section of The Star Club website at or The Star App, and selecting rate type ‘Member Discount Rate [tier]’ within the online booking system.

Partners of Platinum and Diamond are entitled to their Primary Member’s room discount benefit subject to availability and blackout periods, and your Primary Partner maintaining their Tier. Partners of Platinum and Diamond can book their own room discount outside their Primary Partner’s Tier Review Date.

Silver Members and higher can book their discount on hotel stays by calling Reservations on 1800 700 700.

The discounted room rate is based on the best unrestricted flexible rate of the day which changes based on availability and demand. This discount is subject to availability, and blackout periods, and must be booked within your current Tier Review period. Maximum two room discounts can be booked per day.

Which mobile devices and operating system versions does The Star App support?

The minimum version supported are iPhone devices on minimum iOS 10 and Google Android devices on Android 6.0.