More ways to be rewarded

Join The Star Club to access exclusive member benefits and experiences. Enjoy discounts on hotel stays, private gaming room access, personalised service from a VIP Host and special offers at selected restaurants. 

And when you accrue Tier Points and earn rewards, you could get free valet or preferred parking, priority queuing, complimentary hotel room internet access and more.


More on every level

Tier Points determine your position within The Star Club. Once you’ve earned sufficient Tier Points, you’re automatically moved to the next level, unlocking extended benefits and new privileges.

More ways to earn and redeem

You can earn and redeem Casino Dollars - your on-property currency - when you play, stay at one of our hotels, or dine at most restaurants and bars at our three world-class resorts.

More rewards

As you move through The Star Club and earn Tier Points, you’ll receive rewards along the way. And the best thing is, when the next Tier seems so far away, your next reward is just around the corner.
One Card, Three Locations